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Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 49 years. Originally started as a satellite distributor to get product to farms and farmers markets, the company has, since then, expanded to become the premier Cash and Carry Beverage Wholesaler in California.

Naranja Orange Liqueur

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Naranja Orange Liqueur

Bianca Alonso

Naranja Orange Liqueur

Distilled in Mexico since 1933 and renowned for its fine balance, NARANJA is at once gentle and intense, warming and refreshing, bitter and sweet- delivering a taste that never leaves one indifferent.

The commonly accepted origin story of the Margarita is that it was invented in October 1941, at Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, by bartender Don Carlos Orozco. One slow afternoon, Don Carlos was experimenting with mixing new drinks when a prestigious visitor arrived- Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German ambassador. Don Carlos offered the drink to her, and named it after Margarita for being the first person to taste it. It is said that he concocted the margarita with a mixture of equal parts tequila, our orange liqueur and lime, shaken and served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.

The margarita has since become world famous and is the number one cocktail in the United States.

NARANJA is the secret ingredient necessary to make the finest, most authentic, smooth and delicious Mexican Margarita. For nearly a century this Orange Liqueur was only available in Mexico, but now the secret is out and available everywhere under the name NARANJA!

NARANJA is excellent straight or in a premium cocktail. It also adds a powerful flavor to recipes. No artificial flavors or chemical enhancers are ever added to this ultra-premium liqueur, providing an end result that is citrus perfection.

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