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2542 San Gabriel Boulevard
Rosemead, CA, 91770
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Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 49 years. Originally started as a satellite distributor to get product to farms and farmers markets, the company has, since then, expanded to become the premier Cash and Carry Beverage Wholesaler in California.

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Merica Bourbon

Garvey Wholesale Beverage Marketing

Merica Bourbon was born from military veterans who wanted to share the great taste of bourbon and freedom.

It’s all about the flavor. This bourbon is meant to be shared with friends, on the rocks or neat, reminiscing on the good moments in life.


Distilled with the finest ingredients.
70% CORN
26% RYE


Merica Bourbon is distilled with water drawn from the deep, rechargeable ancient glacial aquifers of the Ohio River Basin.


Bourbon-whiskey is shipped to Charleston, South Carolina where harsh-tasting congeners are reduced, leaving a smoother, more sophisticated spirit.


The process reduces several congeners (methanol, isobutanol, amyl alcohols, propanol, free radicals) and converts certain harsh-tasting acids to smooth-tasting esters like glyceride. This creates a spirit with a smoother mouth-feel and dramatically enhanced flavor.

Defrost Schnapps

Garvey Wholesale Beverage Marketing


Defrost Peppermint Schnapps is a 100 proof schnapps that will melt the frost away after a wicked day of gnarly black diamond runs on the snow covered mountain. Wintergreen aromas are accented with candy cane notes on the palate. Hip and exuberant with a creamy texture. Serve ice cold. Straight up, on-the-rocks, or in a refreshing mix.


Defrost Cinnamon Schnapps is a 100 proof schnapps that is sure to heat up any mountain or ski lodge. A scorching shot of schnapps infused with notes of red hot cinnamon. One taste of sizzling Defrost Cinnamon Schnapps and you know you've landed something big. Drink straight up, on-the-rocks, or in an energizing mix.

Santa Monica Brew Works

Elif Oztuna


Brewed in a city where summer is celebrated year round, California Blonde Ale is light enough to drink 24/7/365 with more than enough freat taste to keep you fully satisfied. Traditional beer has been given a unique craft brew taste. Crisp and refreshing, and surprisingly American. (4.8% ABV) 


Delicate body, effervescent, fruity, floral, spicy with hints of biscuit grain sweetness, tart and thirst quenching. Type: Draft Appearance: Pours a hazy yellow, fine bubbles running in glass, good head retention, nice lacing. Nose: Sweet orange, citrus, oats/wheatiness, spiciness, earthy. Taste: Orange, banana, tiny bit of clove, coriander, wheat, acidity, tart sour grapes. (5.3% ABV)


The golden hue of Pale Chocolate heaven pays homage to traditional porters which were not typically as dark as they are today. Historically, the addition of molasses and caramelized sugar would create a darker color. PCH, a modern interpretation of this old world style, replaces those traditional ingredients with a generous portion of cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and milk sugar resulting in a complex memorable beer. (6% ABV)


Appearance: Pours a pale golden color with a persistent white head. Some slight haze due to aggressive dry hopping. Taste: A thin body and dry finish accentuate a dominating, fruity hop presence. Sweeter hop qualities of peach, mango, and tangelo give way to watermelon, pine, and earth, culminating in a zesty, bitter finish. Nose: Like a grove of citrus and tropical fruit trees, with highlights of candied orange, lemon, passion fruit, and apricot. (7% ABV)

Cutwater Spirits

Elif Oztuna


Even when updated, some cocktails are timeless. Clean and fragrant Old Grove Gin is blended with house-made grapefruit cucumber tonic to re-create the perfect match. A modern spin on an old classic, the bright citrusy flavors will keep you refreshed day or night.


Like the venomous namesake fish this Fugu Bloody Mary packs a sting. Fugu Vodka is combined with award-winning Bloody Mary mix, featuring ripe tomatoes, exotic spices and a heavy dose of pepper, to make a spicy cocktail that is dangerously drinkable.


This Rum & Ginger is like none you’ve ever tasted. Blended Three Sheets White Rum, crafted from pure cane sugar, with fresh and spicy house-made ginger beer to create a robust yet balanced craft cocktail. It’s a storm of flavor that is sure to warm your pallet.


Natural ginger, a splash of bitters and hint of lime, makes for an unforgettable Moscow Mule. Exceptionally smooth award-winning Fugu Vodka is mixed and the party really gets started. Spicy, sweet, bitter, and tart. Enjoy it straight from the copper colored can.


Cool, fresh, and effervescent, Cucumber Vodka Soda is a new take on the classic cocktail. It starts with Fugu Vodka. Then just a hint of cucumber is added to an unique house-made soda. It’s a refreshing cocktail that will take you places.

Buzzballz Stiff Lemonade

Elif Oztuna

The perfect mix of lemonade and vodka. Back and stiffer than ever!

Buzzballz are ready to drink mixed cocktails made from 100% Juices, and either Vodka, Rum, or Tequila!

Jack Daniel's Rye

Elif Oztuna

70% RYE. 100% JACK.

Introducing rye whiskey made Jack’s way. Crafted with 70-percent rye grain bill, natural spring water from Cave Spring Hollow, and Jack’s time-honored charcoal mellowing process, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye is a whiskey that could only come from Lynchburg, Tennessee. Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and the whiskey makers of the Jack Daniel Distillery have created a unique rye that’s undeniably spicy and complex yet sippin’ smooth. It might be one of Jack Daniel's first new recipes in over 150-years, but if you know Jack, you’ll know Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye.

Vikera Tequila

Elif Oztuna

VIKERA TEQUILA embodies the story of Melly Barajas, owner and master distiller of Vinos y Licores Aztecs, which is 100% owned and operated by women. Melly has had the chance to make a difference by providing many women the opportunity to maintain a steady career in the art of crafting the finest 100% blue agave Tequila in Mexico. Her ability to empower these women has earned her the name “Doña Melly” due to the impact she has made on many lives in her community. In the spirit of their hard work and dedication to the craft, Vikera Tequila is named after Melly and her Lady Vikings or "Vikeras". In order to help Melly continue to change lives, proceeds generated from each bottle of Vikera Tequila sold will be used to provide education and opportunities for the people of Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico.


Vikera offers extraordinarily smooth and complex Tequila because of the unique oxygenated process, longer barrel aging and earthy notes that come from the highlands region of Tequila. Our four varietals provide a distinct experience depending on your occasion and your tastes and are meant to be savored the same way you would savor a beautiful glass of wine.



VIKERA BLANCO is a unique “white” tequila infused with Anejo. The Blanco is distilled three times and then “oxygenated” to create a smooth, crisp flavor with a slightly oak and vanilla finish.


Clear or "white" tequilas are not usually aged and can have a "tin-like" flavor. They are most commonly used to mix in a margarita or other cocktail. Blanco is different because it is infused a three-year old Añejo into it to add a slightly oak flavor.

SERVING SUGGESTION: We recommend enjoying Blanco tequila over ice or in a premium margarita.


Longer than other tequilas, VIKERA REPOSADO is aged in American white oak barrels for a minimum of six months. This extra aging gives Reposado a rich, gold color along with a slightly oak flavor. As with all Vikera tequilas, Reposado goes through an oxygenation process to give it an elegant and smooth finish.


Reposado means "rested" or "aged" and is used to describe tequila that has been put in an oak barrel unlike the Blanco tequila which goes into a used Jack Daniels barrel. Reposado is aged for eight to nine months versus the average of two months based on the assessment of the perfect flavor profile.

SERVING SUGGESTION: We recommend enjoying Reposado over ice or simply with a squeeze of lime.


VIKERA AÑEJO is aged for a minimum of three years, much longer than the industry standard. The result is the highest quality flavor with a dark hue and an extremely smooth finish.


Añejo is the next stage. In order to legally be classified as an Añejo Tequila, it must be aged for a minimum of one year. Añejo is aged for three years instead of one!


Aged for seven years, this tequila has an extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Its overall flavor imparts a creamy texture and ultra-smooth taste. 


In order to qualify as an Extra Añejo, the tequila has to be aged for three years. It is aged for seven years (double the time!) which gives its extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Our Extra Añejo is the smoothest and most complex compared to other varietals. This makes it similar to a wine brand with a vintage attached to indicate premium quality.

 THE GIVING COMPONENT  Our goal is to help support the inspiring women who run the distillery in Mexico and their community who support us every day. With this in mind, proceeds generated from each bottle of VIKERA TEQUILA sold will be used to provide education and opportunities for the people of Valle de Guadalupe. Above all, we believe in giving back and helping others follow their passion and dreams.


Our goal is to help support the inspiring women who run the distillery in Mexico and their community who support us every day. With this in mind, proceeds generated from each bottle of VIKERA TEQUILA sold will be used to provide education and opportunities for the people of Valle de Guadalupe. Above all, we believe in giving back and helping others follow their passion and dreams.

Martell VS Single Distillery

Elif Oztuna

Martell VS Single Distillery marries spirits from a single distillation source in the Cognac region, in France, for a richer and more intense expression of the Martell distillation style.

Among the great cognac houses, Martell double distills exclusively clear wines – from which all sediments have been removed – in order to preserve the authentic fruity aromas of the grapes, and reveal an extreme finesse, that are hallmarks of the Martell style. Taking this approach further, each bottle of Martell VS Single Distillery is blended from eaux-de-vie derived from a single distillation source. In this supremely smooth blend, the luscious fruity aromas associated with Martell are truly taken to new heights.


An easy, smooth and fruity blend.

Bright and golden in colour, Martell VS Single Distillery reveals pleasant notes of plum, apricot and candied lemon on the nose. Its rich fruity flavours on the palate and its luscious mouthfeel make for a great Cognac to enjoy in long drinks or in cocktails.


  • 45 ml Martell VS Single Distillery
  • 20 ml triple sec
  • 15 ml lemon juice
  • Orange peel
  • Ice

Pour all ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Shake well until the metal gets frosted. Strain into a coupe glass. Twist an orange peel over the drink and discard.


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