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Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 49 years. Originally started as a satellite distributor to get product to farms and farmers markets, the company has, since then, expanded to become the premier Cash and Carry Beverage Wholesaler in California.

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RJ Boone Fermented Whiskey and RJ Boone Hot Cinnamon

Elif Oztuna

RJ Boone is bright, reddish gold in color and offers a smooth, smoky flavor. As a 20% alcohol by volume product, it enables establishments with a Beer & Wine License to expand their wine-based cocktail list by adding cocktails like RJ Boone Sours, Seven & Sevens, Hot Toddys, or Manhattans. RJ Boone is a complex combination of mineral notes and spices with a hint of oak. It has a smoky interlude and is rounded off with a pleasantly sweet finish.

RJ Boone Cinnamon is the perfect cinnamon whiskey alternative. It has a natural cinnamon flavor with a slight sweetness that is perfect for shots or any cinnamon whiskey cocktail. Infused with cinnamon, this is a great addition to the original RJ Boone. It can be enjoyed as a sipper on its own or mixed in red hot cocktails for your fall menu. 20% alcohol by volume.

Tasting Notes
RJ Boone is a complex combination of mineral notes and spices with a hint of oak. It has a smoky interlude and is rounded off with a pleasantly sweet finish.




Sonia Dubon

All KORBEL California champagnes are made according to the traditional méthode champenoise, in which the champagne is fermented inside the same bottle from which it is served. This time-honored process takes almost a year to complete, but the result is worth the wait. The taste of the méthode champenoise style is famous for its delicate nuances and for producing the countless dazzling bubbles in every glass of KORBEL California champagne.

Cook's California Champagne

Elif Oztuna


Medium-dry with crisp fruit flavors. The aromas of apple and pear are balanced with a bouquet of toasty yeast notes and floral nuances.


Semi-dry, with crisp fruit flavors, complexity, and a long, smooth finish. The aromas of apple and pear are balanced with a bouquet of toasty yeast notes and floral nuances.

A little Cook's sparkly makes for a special mixed drink. Check out these deliciously different champagne cocktails.




1 oz Svedka Citron
1 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Sweet & Sour Mix
Top with, 2 oz Cook's California Champagne


1/2 Lemon Sugar Rim
Lemon Wedge
Fresh Strawberry 


Chill cocktail glass. Fill mixing glass with 2/ 3 cubed ice. Pour ingredients in order listed & cap with mixing tin. Shake for 5 seconds. Strain from mixing tin into chilled glass. Add garnish.





4 oz Cook's Brut California Champagne
1 oz Raspberry Mix (pour down side)


Fresh Strawberry
Lemon Twist
Raspberries Speared


Pour the ingredients in the order listed to 1/4 inch from the top of the glass. Add garnish.





Cook's California Champagne
Orange juice
1/4 cup Mint schnapps


Fill an ice cube tray with juice. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze. In a blender, crush orange ice cubes to the consistency of sorbet. Blend in mint schnapps. Place 2 Tbsp of orange-mint mixture into the bottom of Champagne flutes. Fill to 2/3 full with Champagne. Garnish with fresh mint sprigs.

Chivas Regal 12

Elif Oztuna


Chivas Regal 12 is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. This rich, smooth blend combines style with substance and tradition.


  • 2015 IWSC 2015 – GOLD


An aromatic infusion of wild herbs, heather, honey and orchard fruits. Round and creamy with a full, rich taste of honey and ripe apples, with vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch notes. Its finish is rich and lingering and its color is radiant, warm amber.

For James Chivas, there were two fundamental principles of blending: ‘old, mature stocks and a distinct Speyside accent’. Master Blender Colin Scott adheres to those same principles today, with whiskies at least 12 years old with a generous measure of Speyside malts.

[yellow tail]

Elif Oztuna

[yellow tail]'s family-owned winery is in the small country town of Yenda, Australia. Their talented winemaking team put a lot of passion, knowledge and experience into making great wines for you to enjoy.


This [yellow tail] Chardonnay is everything a great wine should be – vibrant, flavorsome, fresh and easy to drink.


Peaches, melon and a touch of vanilla


With roasted chicken or a picnic in the park


This [yellow tail] Pinot Grigio is everything a great wine should be – zesty, fresh and easy to drink.


Apples, pears and passionfruit


With Asian-inspired food on a warm summer evening


This [yellow tail] Moscato is everything a great wine should be – zingy, refreshing and easy to drink.


Passionfruit and melon


Well chilled on its own or with spicy Asian-inspired food


This [yellow tail] Pink Moscato is everything a great wine should be – zingy, refreshing and easy to drink.


Strawberries, sherbet and green apples


Well chilled on its own or with your favorite dessert


This [yellow tail] Merlot is everything a great wine should be – soft, velvety and easy to drink.


Dark plums, mulberries and spice


With antipasto, good times and great friends


This [yellow tail] Cabernet Merlot is everything a great wine should be – vibrant, soft, rich and easy to drink.


Blackcurrant, berries and soft spice


With roast beef or when grilling out with friends


Blanc de Bleu

Sonia Dubon

Blanc de Bleu is a premium California sparkling grape wine with added hint of Blueberries. Delicate, dry and crisp, it is reserved for memorable celebrations. It offers seductive flavors and fresh aromatic effervescence - vividly pasteled with blueberries. All of this is contained in an impressively sexy bottle with tasteful flair.

The fruit for Blanc de Bleu is grown in the quiet vineyards of Northern California, known for their cool and clear breezes - ideal conditions for the exclusive grapes and soils that accentuate the profoundly flavorful characteristics.

Winemaker’s Notes

"We pick our grapes at lower sugar levels to ensure that our wine has lower alcohol content. The fruit is pressed into stainless steel tanks for primary fermentation, and is made bubbly using the Charmat method.
The addition of a small amount of Blueberry extract offers gentle perfume and tender flavors."

Production Notes

The process starts with the harvest of the grapes for Blanc de Bleu. Grapes are harvested early to ultimately produce a wine that is crisp and tart with subtle fruit character.

The harvested grapes are gently processed so that the juice, now carefully separated from skins and seeds, retains its delicate profile. The juice is pumped into a stainless steel fermentation tank where a yeast culture is added. While fermenting, the juice is refrigerated to lock in the splendid flavors.
After this fermentation is complete, the fresh wine is filtered and stabilized. The wine is now ready to turn into sparkling wine using the Charmat method.

After the fermentation is complete, the yeast is filtered out. Natural blueberry flavor is added and dosaged to impart a balance to the wine that is dry, crisp, and refreshing.

This is the classic characteristics of a fine Brut sparkling wine.

-Robert Stashak
Grand Champagne Master

Tasting Notes

Blanc de Bleu® delivers pleasant, gentle flavors with the subtlest touch of Blueberries, creating the unique sparkling wine you will experience for the very first time here. Anywhere.

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