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2542 San Gabriel Boulevard
Rosemead, CA, 91770
United States


Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 49 years. Originally started as a satellite distributor to get product to farms and farmers markets, the company has, since then, expanded to become the premier Cash and Carry Beverage Wholesaler in California.

Craft Beers

Lagunitas IPA

Sonia Dubon

This is Lagunitas’ unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries of Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute, nor as old as the 10,000 miles or so of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentoid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again. Now stop. Think again. And stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you're on.

A well-rounded, highly drinkable IPA. A bit of Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops.




Pair With
Mild Blue Cheese, Hamachi Kama

Goose Island

Sonia Dubon

Our India Pale Ale recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct taste during the long journey. The result is a hop lover’s dream with a fruity aroma, set off by a dry malt middle, and long hop finish.

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 55
Color: Bourbon
Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Pilgrim, Styrian Celeia
Malts: Pale
Year Round
Bottles: 12 Pack, 6 Pack
Draft: 1/6 & 1/2bbl

World Beer Cup Awards:
2010: Gold – English Style India Pale Ale

Great American Beer Festival:
2012: Gold Medal - English Style India Pale Ale
2009: Silver Medal - English Style India Pale Ale
2007: Silver Medal - English Style India Pale Ale
2004: Silver Medal - English Style India Pale Ale
2001: Bronze Medal - English Style India Pale Ale
2000: Gold Medal - English Style India Pale Ale

Ballast Point - Sculpin - Pineapple Sculpin - Watermelon Dorado

Garvey Wholesale Beverage Marketing



After years of experimenting, it was obvious that an ale at five separate stages would produce something special. The result ended up being this gold-medal winning IPA, whose inspired the makers of hops creates hints of apricot, peach, mango and lemon flavors, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish.



A tropical take on a tried-and-true favorite. 

Pineapple Sculpin IPA came from one of many small-batch cask experiments to enhance the flavor of our signature IPA. With so many tropical hop notes in Sculpin, sweet, juicy pineapple is added to the ale. The combination of fruity flavors and hop intensity definitely packs a punch.



A fresh twist on a heavy hitter.

Watermelon Dorado Double IPA is not one to back down from big flavors. Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon. The result is a refreshing brew that is all summer and no seeds.


Sonia Dubon

Warsteiner Premium Beer

A refreshing, pale golden pilsener with a clean taste perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones and mild hoppy bitterness

Angel City IPA

Sonia Dubon

Angel City IPA

The City of Angels: a big city, filled with big characters who come up with really big ideas. So what happens when you need to create a beer that captures the spirit of LA?

You go big. Angel City IPA: It’s big. It’s bold. It’s got lots of character and it embodies Los Angeles like no other.

A medium-bodied, copper-hued beer brewed with enough hops to satisfy. It’s the perfect treat for the hop inclined.

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 65

Golden Road Brewery

Sonia Dubon

Point the Way IPA


Point the Way IPA is our ode to the hop-crazed patrons of Los Angeles.  Its light malt body elevates the pine and grapefruit notes courtesy of a generous hop dosing.  At 5.9%, this sessionable West-Coast IPA finishes dry for optimal repeatability. Brewed & Canned

Style: India Pale Ale
OG/FG: 13.8/2.6
ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 60
Malts:  2-Row, Golden Promise, Crystal Light
Hops: Bravo, Cascade, Chinook, HBC 342, Centennial, Amarillo

329 Lager

Crafted in the city that gives us 329 days of sun, 329 Lager is the perfect companion for making the most of sunny California days. Our go anywhere, do anything lager is full-flavored and easy-drinking with a clean, crisp finish.

Style: Lager
OG/FG: 11.6/2.6
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 25
Malts: 2-Row, Carafoam
Hops: Hallertau Tradition, Opal


Mango Cart


A series inspired by the iconic fruit vendors of Los Angeles.

A light, refreshing Wheat Ale with lots of
fresh mango and a pleasant, slightly tart finish.

Style: Mango Wheat Ale
OG/FG: 9.6/2.4  
ABV: 4.0%
IBU: 10
Malts: 2-row, Wheat, Carafoam, Acidulated Malt
Hops: Bravo

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