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Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 49 years. Originally started as a satellite distributor to get product to farms and farmers markets, the company has, since then, expanded to become the premier Cash and Carry Beverage Wholesaler in California.

Does Beer Taste Different from a Can or a Bottle?


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Does Beer Taste Different from a Can or a Bottle?

Elif Oztuna

Whether your business is a restaurant or a bar, one of the stars of your drink menu is probably the beer section. When it comes to beer, it is all about fun and taste. Most of the beer consumers have their favorite beer brand, and usually, they don’t drink other branded beers. Some of the beer enthusiasts even have a certain packaging type preference, and they are really devoted to those preferences.  Did you observe in your business that your customers prefer drinking beer from a can or a bottle? Can packaging type have any effects on the taste? Do you think their preference depends on the taste or is it just a habit? Beverages Journal created a mini study to determine if there is a difference in the taste of beer when it is consumed from a can or a bottle. Let’s look at how Beverages Journal conducted this study and what the results were.

1- Questionnaire

62 people took a short questionnaire, and they were asked two basic questions. The first question was “How often do you drink beer?” and the second one was “Do you prefer drinking beer from a can or a bottle?” With this questionnaire, Beverage Journal aimed to see how participants gave their answers by their preconceived preferences without tasting the beer.

2- The Taste Test

In this part of the study, 151 participants were given a can and a bottle of the same brand beer for tasting. The participants were also given the same beers in plastic cups, after their initial tasting from the original packaging; just to get more unbiased results. Then they were asked which tasted better.

3- Blind Testing

29 people participated this part, and they tasted two glasses of beer without knowing which one was poured from a can or a bottle. Then they answered a few questions including the question “Which one tasted better?”.

Results and Conclusion

In the first two parts of the study, the majority of the participants thought bottled beer tasted better. 61.29% of participants preferred beer from a bottle, while 11.29% preferred beer from a can and 27.42% thought they both tasted the same. However, they were aware of the packaging type of the beer they were tasting. Even when they were tasting from a plastic cup in the taste test, they knew if the beer was poured down from a can or a bottle. Then in the blind testing, results changed significantly. When the participants did not have any knowledge of the packaging type, nearly 45% of participants rated the canned beer better than the bottled, 41% of participants rated the bottled beer better than the canned, and close to 1.5% said they both tasted the same. So as soon as participants became unaware of the packaging type, their high preference for the bottled beer disappeared.

These results showed that beer didn’t taste different from a can or a bottle - it was all about habits and personal preference. Whether it’s from a can or a bottle, as long as you serve beer cold, you will get the best taste.

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